You Can Prevent West Nile Virus

Around the home, eliminate mosquito breeding grounds from your property by removing standing water in containers, such as flower pots, fountains and pet dishes. You can also do your part by dumping or draining water in neglected swimming pools, ponds, rain barrels, discarded tires, buckets or anything capable of holding water for more than a few days.

Get Free Trees

Did you know that the City has a program that allows you to get up to 7 shade trees for FREE delivered right to your door!? Or get free trees for your parkway.

Summer Night Lights & Free Lunches at Valley Plaza

Looking for some free summer fun for the whole family? Come to Summer Night Lights for food, sports and activities Wednesday through Saturday June 27th to August 4th and Friday and Saturday August 10th to 24th. The fun starts in our own Valley Plaza Recreation Center, 1224 Archwood Street. 

Safe Parking to be Offered in North Hollywood

The program will begin with ten spots each at two parking lots owned by the County — at 5205 Melrose Avenue in Hollywood and 5300 Tujunga Avenue in North Hollywood.

Youth Empowerment Series Inspires Youth to Follow Their Dreams

Motivational speaker Billionaire P.A. encouraged the students to speak their dreams into existence. One young girl stood in front of everyone and said she wanted to be a nurse and everyone cheered for her. She said it was the first time anyone had ever encouraged her dream.

Candidate Forum Tackles Local Issues

NHNENC Co-Sponsored the Assembly District 39 Candidate Forum on March 22. Interested voters braved the weather to come out and hear from the candidates on local issues of homelessness, the bullet train, jobs and more. Find out about the candidates here.

Register for Youth Empowerment Series

Register Now for our Youth Empowerment Series with Kamil McFadden starting on Saturday, March 24 at the Valley Plaza Recreation Center.

NHNENC Co Sponsors Candidate Forum

Learn about the candidates running for California's State Assembly of District 39. Join the conversation that is shaping your neighborhood and attend this forum at the Main Auditorium, Saticoy Elementary School, March 21, 6:30pm at Saticoy Elementary, 7850 Ethel Ave.


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