Homes 4 Families

City Council President Paul Krekorian secured City land and $600 million in funding for this North Hollywood Veteran-Enriched Community project, plus street and sidewalk improvements, enabling nonprofit Homes4Families to develop 12 three-story, three-bedroom homes for military veterans and their families.

For many who have served our country, and their families, the high cost of first-time home ownership has been an insurmountable obstacle. Homes4Families addresses this challenge head-on by reducing costs with “sweat equity” and volunteer help in building, but the high cost of land and materials in Southern California complicates the task. Council President Krekorian obtained surplus city-owned land, funding and assistance in coordinating the agencies involved.

Families will pay no more than 30 percent of their income towards their mortgage, property tax, insurance and HOA dues. They also retain 100 percent of the home’s equity to leverage into generational wealth-building, ensuring a better future for their children.

Veterans and military family members are also provided with specialized services and vet-to-vet support to address service-related trauma, and education programs including health and wellness, and financial literacy, empowering families to earn, save and invest.

The homes are designed with the needs of veterans in mind, including provisions for the disabled. The project includes community outdoor space and an urban garden. By helping to build these homes themselves, the veteran homeowners make valuable connections and build relationships with one another prior to their moving in, creating a sense of neighborhood with strong ties and high levels of trust among residents.

This project is located at 5623 Elmer Ave.

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