nhnenc Meet the Candidates

At Large Community Stakeholder: 1 Seat

Veronica Jimenez

veronica jimenezAs a resident residing for nearly 20 years, in various regions of North Hollywood, I have served and valued our community in various forms. Acts of community services include being part of the Los Angeles Police Department Cadet Program, specifically station no. 15, North Hollywood. Additionally, I have volunteered in federally funded educational systems, such as Early Head Start, serving students from low-income households. As an educator, I am aware of how I play an active role between advocacy for students as well as responding to parents concerns. Partaking as representative, I will help deliver community feedback for the forums for the commonwealth discussions. My participation in the North Hollywood Northeast Neighborhood Council will serve as a bridge to improve city services between student bodies, residents, and families.

Nancy Rebolledo

Nancy RebolledoI am a social worker and current public administration graduate student. My mission is to advocate for residents in NoHo through public issues like affordable housing, green sustainability and transportation. I work in affordable housing serving veteran, homeless and low-income families. My previous experience as a reporter covering issues from migrant workers to public education, has allowed me to get to know my community’s needs and priorities. I have also interned researching and advocating for gender equal policies for women and girls. I look forward to working as a liaison between NoHo North East residents and city officials.

Business Stakeholder: 1 Seat

Saundrina Smith

Saundrina SmithGreeting everyone! I am Drina Smith and I have been living in the North Hollywood area for 5 years. I am currently the Operations Manager of BlaqHaus NoHo, one of the few black owned restaurants in our neighborhood. I have seen the neighborhood go through many changes in the short time frame that I have lived here, both good and bad. This past year alone I have seen many small businesses close their doors due to Covid. I will be the voice that advocates for all businesses in this area. We need to speak up and communicate with local government to ensure that closures and reopening during this time are communicated effectively. I’d also educate other small businesses on things going on within our meetings that could help benefit them or vice versa. I’d bridge the gap between other businesses, competition or not, so that we can come together and do more for the community.

Community Interest Stakeholder: 1 Seat

Zaid Diaz-Arias

Zaid Diaz-AriasMy interest in being your representative stems from my cultural roots. I am a Mexican-American, with two immigrant parents, who for generations before me, have lived in lower-income neighborhoods, and marginalized communities. As a citizen and a life long resident of North Hollywood, I see it as my moral and innate duty to serve my community. I am passionate about public service and have dedicated my efforts to social justice and advocacy, while partnering with the ACLU of SoCal on campaigns, social media projects, and initiatives. I worked specifically in the Economics Justice team and the Education Equity team. I am currently a student at the University of Southern California, majoring in public policy, and plan to attend law school. I yearn to represent you adequately and efficiently. I am here as your delegate to not only sympathize and understand you, but to adamantly work to provide our stakeholders opportunities, resources, funding, oversight and most importantly a voice.

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