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Los Angeles City Council President Paul Krekorian has identified funds for local artists to propose a concept for a small mural on the brick wall located in front of the Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) parking lot at 11235 Magnolia Boulevard in the heart of North Hollywood’s “NoHo Arts District”. The call for proposals, directed and facilitated by Levi Ponce through NoHoStreetArt, encourages any Los Angeles-based artist to submit proposals for consideration by a community review panel.

Murals adorning the City of Los Angeles stand as a radiant symbol for artistic expression, cultural diversity, and the vibrant spirit of the community. They not only beautify the urban canvas, but also serve as powerful reflections of the City’s rich tapestry, creative energy and community history.

Project Details:
Theme: “NoHo Movement & Arts” as interpreted by the artist. The purpose of the design is to enhance community space, encourage neighborhood pride and education of the Arts in NoHo. In this light, the NoHo Arts District is home to acting, recording and dance studios, performance spaces, theaters, schools, the Lankershim Arts Center, and a wide range of new living spaces, cafes & restaurants, vintage stores, and home to the Metro Rail and busway stations.
Design should be suitable for public spaces and the general public. Artists are encouraged to create a proposal that reflects the community, promotes unity, and drives a creative atmosphere. Artists may submit up to five design proposals.

Location: The five sections of the small brick wall facing Magnolia Blvd. in front of the LADOT parking lot located at 11235 Magnolia Blvd.

Submission Deadline: Midnight January 19, 2024
Visit for application and guidelines

Submit completed applications to:
Once all applications are received, they will be reviewed by a panel of community members, and subject to approval by LADOT. The finalist will be notified via email.

If selected, the artist will be compensated $3,000 (50% up front for supplies, design and materials and the remaining 50% upon completion and final mural registration.)

If selected, the artist will need to work with NoHo Street Art and CD2 staff, to follow the approval process for mural registration with the City of Los Angeles. For more information on that process, please refer to

Designs may not:
• Infringe upon a registered trademark, patent or copyright;
• Advertise for a financial benefit or commercial purpose;
• Contain reflective material, mirrors, or causes a glare;
• Campaign for specific legislation, or the election or recall of a public official;
• Promote violence, nudity, illegal drugs, deviant behavior or an illegal activity;
• Portray acts deemed obscene, vulgar, profane, or scatological;
• Denigrate any group based on ethnicity, age, religion, gender, or sexual orientation;
• Denigrate the military, law enforcement, fire rescue and support, government services,
or public officials;
• Denigrate animals or any living creature protected under the Federal Endangered
Species Act.

Selection Process:
All artists are welcome to apply, and student artists are especially encouraged to apply. Artists will be selected by a community panel. Selections will be based on originality of design and adherence to the parameters and theme. Local artists who reside in the City of Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley communities will be given extra consideration.
For more information or questions: E-mail: Lisa at or

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