Water capture system

At our October 11, 2023 meeting we heard a presentation on the Safe Clean Water: Lankershim Boulevard Local Area Urban Flow Management Project by LA Sanitation.

They shared that Measure W passed in 2018 is funding projects to improve water quality and capture stormwater, which will also reduce flooding.

They are in the design phase of a project along Lankershim Blvd from Sherman Way to Tuxford St. The project will:

  • Capture and infiltrate the stormwater from an 85th percentile storm
  • Install catch basins and storm drain along Lankershim Boulevard, in
  • Install green infrastructure – dry wells, trees, planters, landscaped parkways with drought tolerant plants and vegetated median islands
  • Improve sidewalks, curb and gutter
  • Plant trees and shrubs from Tuxford Street to Sherman Way

Water will be captured and allowed to filter into the water table. If the system is overloaded, it will drain to the storm drain as shown in the above diagram.

The design uses dry wells:

Dry well diagram

The wells will be located:

  • Lankershim Boulevard
  • Tuxford Street
  • Webb Avenue
  • Stagg Street
  • Arminta Avenue
  • Saticoy Street
  • Cohasset Street
  • Runnymede Street
  • Valerio Street

The project design is to be completed by the end of 2024, with bidding and awarding in the first half of 2025 and construction to begin mid 2025.

Project timeline:

Project Timeline

The team is currently conducting outreach and is tentatively planning to hold a community pop up event Sunday, November 5, 11am-2pm at the North Hollywood Swap Meet, 7355 Lankershim Blvd.

View the Final Presentation NOHO_NE_NC 10.11.23

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