Housing Element Update

The City of Los Angeles Planning Department is looking to have a group of diverse community leaders to make up the 2021-2029 HOUSING ELEMENT TASK FORCE, which will assist in the evaluation of potential policy revisions around topics such as zoning, housing production, housing preservation, tenant’s rights, homelessness prevention, and more.

Deadline to apply is on Wednesday, December 4th, 2019 by 5:00 PM.

The City of Los Angeles is embarking on the 2021-2029 Update to the Housing Element of the General Plan, and we need your help. As with past updates, we are forming a Housing Element Task Force. We invite those with specialized knowledge relating to housing in Los Angeles to apply.

The Housing Element is the City’s primary housing policy document, which assesses the overall housing needs and establishes the policies and programs to meet those needs. The Housing Element is our opportunity tackle Los Angeles’s housing needs through meaningful and effective policies. To be truly valuable, the Housing Element Update requires significant public engagement.

City staff are seeking assistance from a diverse group of community leaders, special needs service providers, affordable and market-rate housing developers, and other housing and community development professionals to guide the Housing Element Update process. This group will make up the Housing Element Task Force, which will assist in evaluating potential policy revisions around topics such as zoning, housing production, housing preservation, tenants’ rights, homelessness prevention, and more, helping to determine which revisions would be most viable and impactful.


The City of Los Angeles is launching the 2021-2029 Update to the Housing Element, a state-mandated Element of the General Plan. A dedicated webpage for the update to the Housing Element will be available in early 2020. In the meantime, you can find information on the current Housing Element, sign up for email notifications about the update, and learn more about upcoming opportunities to get involved, including how to submit an application to join the Task Force (applications due by December 4, 2019).

The Housing Element is one of the nine state-mandated elements of the General Plan. The Housing Element of the General Plan identifies the City’s housing conditions and needs, establishes the goals, objectives, and policies that are the foundation of the City’s housing strategy, and provides an array of programs to create sustainable, mixed-income neighborhoods across the City.

The current Housing Element was adopted in 2013 and is in effect through 2021. PDFs of the Housing Element are available in low resolution and high resolution, and the accordions below present each section of the document.

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