The Youth Commission was established to assist the Board of Supervisors in leading transformative change in LA County’s youth facing departments, programs, and policies. The Commission will be composed of 15 members. The positions are reserved for people who have experience in the child welfare or juvenile justice systems. They will work closely with the Youth Commission Executive Director to form policy priorities and initiatives for the Commission. Our vision is that all youth-serving systems in Los Angeles County will be informed by and co-designed with the voices of young people with lived experience.

The Youth Commission seeks to help child welfare and juvenile justice systems center youth voice in their efforts to co-design and improve policies, programs, and services. Commissioners are appointed for a two year term and may serve for two consecutive (back-to back) terms for a total of four years. Each Commissioner will be approved by the Board of Supervisors.

Desired qualifications include individuals with lived experience in the child welfare and/or juvenile justice system and representing the diverse socioeconomic backgrounds of people who experience those systems. The Commission will also act as an advisory body to youth and family serving County departments.

Youth Commissioner Bulletin

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