hope of valley garden project

At the July 2022 North Hollywood North East Neighborhood Council Meeting we heard a presentation from Hope of the Valley requesting funding for a program to support day laborers through a community garden. Click on the image below to see the presentation:

thumbnail of Hope of the Valley Day Labor Support Presentation

The original Day Labor Resource Center opened 1988 in North Hollywood.

History of the project:

  • We provide community service to residents, merchants, and others to feel comfortable and safe with the practice of seeking
    work in public.
  • A fixed hiring center where persons participating in the casual labor force can safely congregate to solicit employment from
    residents and businesses seeking day labor.
  • There are no fees to employers or day laborers to utilize the services at any site.

Main purpose of the garden is to re-open our doors for our Day Laborers.

  • Developing and strengthening community and social ties through positive social
    contact between day laborers and the day labor program.
  • Reducing family food costs.
  • Promoting healthier food options.
  • Increase physical activity through garden maintenance.
  • Reduce crime rate in surrounding areas.

NHNENC approved a Neighborhood Purposes Grant to support this project with $2,500.

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