We have several open seats on the North Hollywood North East Neighborhood Council and we invite you to join us:

  • Resident Representative (2 seats)
  • Business Representative
  • Community Based Organization Representative
  • At Large Community Stakeholder

Please contact us at to find out more and express interest.

Take a Seat on the Board

Commitments and responsibilities of a Board Member:
1. Attend 1 board meeting per month
2. Vote at the board meetings

We regularly meet the second Wednesdays of the month at 7pm. We meet once a month as a board. However, if you choose to join committees, they meet separately on the dates the committee decides. But if you choose not to join any committees that is okay as well.

Likewise, the typical duties of a Board Member is attending Board Meetings and voting on items. There’s lot of flexibility once you’re on the board, for instance if you want to start a community improvement project, or pursue different initiatives that is entirely within your prerogative. But the only “requirement” is board meetings (which as of now happen once a month) and voting.

NHNENC Candidate Application

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