Neighborhood Council Elections

On October 25, 2019, the Los Angeles City Council took action directing the City Attorney to prepare an ordinance addressing 5 elements related to youth participation on NC boards. Neighborhood Councils will be able to file Community Impact Statements on this matter when the draft ordinance is introduced for its first reading. The intent is to establish systemwide uniformity regarding minimum voting for NC elections or selections, as well as a systemwide uniform minimum board member age.

Two examples of what is proposed for this new ordinance are a minimum voting age for NC elections or selections of 16, as well as a minimum age of 18 to serve on an NC board. The full language of the motion appears below:


“I MOVE that the matter of the Continued Consideration of Health, Education, Neighborhoods, Parks, Arts and River Committee Report relative to the Neighborhood Council system reforms, Item No. 3 on today’s Council Agenda (CF 18-0467) BE AMENDED to adopt the following in lieu of Recommendation 1 of the Report:

REQUEST the City Attorney to prepare and present an Ordinance to implement a uniform minimum voting age of 16 for Neighborhood Council elections or selections, a uniform minimum board member age of 18, and up to one optional youth seat per Neighborhood Council with a board member age of 14-17 years at the time of the election or selection, and a minimum voting age for the youth seat of 14 years of age.”

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