Run 2023

Make a difference in North Hollywood. Run for a seat on the North Hollywood North East Neighborhood Council . Candidate Filing is open to April 8.

About half the board seats (9) are up for election on June 22 and you are invited to run!

  • Resident Representative (4 seats)
  • Business Representative
  • Community Based Representative
  • At-Large Representative (3 seats)

The Neighborhood Council is the link between your community, City Council, and City Departments. They can weigh in on the decisions made by elected officials and improve the quality of life within the neighborhood:

  • Zoning and Land Use
  • Police, Library, & Park Services
  • Tree Planting
  • Street Repair
  • Crime and Graffiti Control
  • Illegal Dumping

You can run to represent North Hollywood North East Neighborhood Council  if you live, work, rent or own a property, attend school, worship, volunteer, or participate in an organization that meets in and/or serves the neighborhood, then you can apply to be a candidate. The Neighborhood Council System is inclusive, and everybody can participate, whatever your nationality or immigration status. Participation is also open to the formerly incarcerated.

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Find out what it means to be a candidate in this video:

Ballot Voting Model

2023 North Hollywood East NC BVM – Final

Election Timeline

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