little light webinars

At our November 10, 2021 Meeting we heard a report from Little Light International about things they were able to do as a result of our Neighborhood Purposes Grant.

With NHNENC 5K Grant we received in May 2021, we have been able to:

  • Open a Zoom business account and host a 3 part financial literacy webinar via Zoom from May-June inviting local orgs such as hope gardens, Asian Youth Center, CCNP, KYCC
  • Donate $2,000 worth of supplies ($2 per 3-ring binder = quantity of 1,000) to low-income students
  • Start a Scholarship Fund that awarded $500 to 2 students this October (fall 2021). We will have another $1,000 to be awarded to 2 students in January
  • Partner with Up4Youth & Extraordinary Families to pull volunteers to commit to mentoring foster youth throughout Los Angeles Ages 16-26
  • Begin our own volunteer outreach program to strength relationship and mentorship opportunities for students experiencing homelessness at Hope Gardens in Sylmar, CA. (Budget of $500 per event to supply arts/crafts/supplies for 40-50 youth, quarterly)

Little Light NHNENC 5K Grant Presentation

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