7940 Lankershim Rendering

At the September 2019 board meeting, the North Hollywood North East Neighborhood Council voted to support the Mixed Use Building going up at 7940 Lankershim Blvd., to the south and east of the Burger King on the corner of Lankershim and Strathern. The firm representing the project presented their proposed details at the Land Use committee and general board meetings, and took input from stakeholders at both.

The project is to build 432 apartment units, 22,000 square feet of ground floor retail in a seven story building.

Some things of note:

  • They plan to improve the gutters and storm runoff issues on Strathern
  • There will be 1.5 parking spaces per unit, which is more than the city recommended
  • 48 units will be Covenanted Low Income housing, with estimated rent around $500 a month
  • They will use solar panels on 15% of the roof area and plant drought-tolerant native flora

Please have a look at the PDF they provided for more information:

7940 Lankershim Presentation

7940 Lankershim Project Site

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