NoHo Stormwater Project Breaks Ground

One year ago, the intersection of Ben Avenue and Victory Boulevard in North Hollywood experienced severe flooding. Water actually covered the entire floor of the popular Lilit Bakery & Cafe, which was forced to close for several days. This storm water infrastructure project that will alleviate flooding at that intersection and the surrounding community. It is due to be completed in December.

Vote February 22 – March 3

Voters will now have between three and ten days before election day to cast their ballots. Additionally, voters will be able to pre-select their choices for each office through an interactive sample ballot, which will produce a unique QR code that can be scanned by the new voting machines.

NHNENC Considers How to Best Shape North Hollywood In 2020

In 2019 NHNENC weighed in on City Council matters, considered and recommended local land use projects, funded the Lars Hawks sculpture restoration and supported many educational, service-focused and fun events to bring the community together. Our 2020 Vision includes you! We have a number of seats open on the Board and we invite you to join us. This year we will continue to carefully evaluate and make a difference in land use, beautification and community needs for North Hollywood and you can too!

Pacoima Winter Shelter Open

Hope of the Valley’s Pacoima Winter Shelter program provides 120 beds of Emergency Shelter during the coldest winter months in the San Fernando Valley. Food, beds, clothing and other essential services are provided on a nightly basis. The shelter is accessed via several bus pick up points.

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