Zaid Diaz-Arias

Zaid Diaz-Arias

Community Interest Stakeholder 2025
Chair – Bylaws & Rules
Chair – Youth and Minority Empowerment


Mel Futrell
Mel Futrell

Vice President
At Large Representative 2027
Chair – Sustainability and Organic Urban Permaculture
Vice Chair – Digital & Social Media Committee
Sustainability Liaison

Michael Coleman
Michael Coleman
Resident Stakeholder 2027
Chair – Planning and Land Use Committee

Eileen Santos

Resident Representative 2027

Marci Marks

Marci Marks
Community Based Organization Representative 2025

Maria Cermeno
Maria Cermeno
Resident Representative 2025
Chair – Outreach & Beautification Committee

Veronica Jimenez
Veronica Jimenez
At Large Representative 2025

John Basteghian
Business Representative 2027

SheRise Ford

Business Representative 2027
Chair – Digital and Social Media

Dylan Meneses
At Large Community Stakeholder 2027

Guillermo Tejada
Resident Representative 2027

Jennifer Clark

Resident Stakeholder 2025

Kate Martinez

At Large Youth Stakeholder 2025


  • Business Representative 2025
  • Community Based Organization Representative 2027
  • Alternative Youth Member


  • Resilience/Emergency Preparedness Liaisons: Veronica Jimenez
  • Film Liaisons: Veronica Jimenez
  • Grievance Panel Liaison: Zaid Diaz
  • Sustainability Liaisons: Mel Futrell
  • Homelessness Liaisons: Mel Futrell
  • Data Liaisons: Mel Futrell
  • Animal Services Liaison: Mel Futrell
  • Aging Liaison:

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