Zaid Diaz-Arias

Zaid Diaz-Arias

Community Interest Stakeholder 2025
Chair – Bylaws & Rules
Chair – Youth and Minority Empowerment


Mel Futrell
Mel Futrell

Vice President
At Large Representative 2027
Chair – Sustainability and Organic Urban Permaculture
Vice Chair – Digital & Social Media Committee
Sustainability Liaison

Michael Coleman
Michael Coleman
Resident Stakeholder 2027
Chair – Planning and Land Use Committee

Dylan Meneses

At Large Community Stakeholder 2027

Marci Marks

Marci Marks
Community Based Organization Representative 2025

Maria Cermeno
Maria Cermeno
Resident Representative 2025
Chair – Outreach & Beautification Committee

Veronica Jimenez
Veronica Jimenez
At Large Representative 2025

John Basteghian
Business Representative 2027

SheRise Ford

Business Representative 2027
Chair – Digital and Social Media

Jennie Palluzzi

Jennie Palluzi
Resident Representative 2027

Robert Clark
Resident Representative 2027

Jennifer Clark

Resident Stakeholder 2025

Kate Martinez

At Large Youth Stakeholder 2025

If you are interested in filling a vacant seat, please complete the NHNENC Candidate Application and send it to


  • Business Representative 2025
  • Community Based Organization Representative 2027
  • Alternative Youth Member


  • Resilience/Emergency Preparedness Liaisons: Veronica Jimenez
  • Film Liaisons: Veronica Jimenez
  • Grievance Panel Liaison: Zaid Diaz
  • Sustainability Liaisons: Mel Futrell
  • Homelessness Liaisons: Mel Futrell
  • Data Liaisons: Mel Futrell
  • Animal Services Liaison: Mel Futrell
  • Aging Liaison:

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