NHNENC Outreach

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Chair: Judy Harris

Outreach Motto: "Displaying Pride Within the Community, One Stakeholder at A Time"

Overview: the NHNENC Outreach Committee has been active since 2008, and is currently chaired by Judy Harris who is also the North-North Hollywood Watch Captain and a Resident-Representative for the NHNENC. She can be contacted at JHarris@nhnenc.org.

The Outreach Committe in partnership with the two local Neighborhood Watch Groups, the North-North Hollywood Neighborhood Watch and the Strathern Neighborhood Watch has participated in:

  • National Night Out 2008 at Slavin Park (N.H.);
  • Heal the Bay's Annual Coastal Cleanup of 2010 (Winners of the most collected trash and debris);
  • Our 2011 Candidates Forum,
  • The 2012 Mayors Day of Service,
  • National Night Out 2012.

Judy Harris and Ernie Moscoso at 2013 Congress

Outreach Chair/Board Member Board Member Judy Harris and President Ernie Moscoso on the stepsof City Hall at the 2013 Congress of Neighborhoods.

August 2013 Community Clean Up

Edan and Crew

Board Member Edan Harris with his crew of volunteers at the August 2013 Cleanup

Edan and crew working

Board Member Edan Harris and his crew cleaning up Sherman Way in August 2013.

Clean up August 2013

Dedicated volunteers head out to tackle their assignments for the August 2013 Cleanup

2013 Congress of Neighborhoods

Ernie and Inez at 2013 Congress

President Ernie Moscoso and Board Member Inez Morin enjoy a break during the 2013 Congress of Neighborhoods.

Lunch at Congress 2013

Lunch tables are filled with Board Members from Councils across the City at the 2013 Congress of Neighborhoods.

Judy Harris and Mayor Eric Garcetti

Mayor Garcetti displayed his camera skills by volunteering to take a "selfie" with Judy's phone! He's a great photographer!"

NHNENC at 2013 Congress

Board Members Judy Harris, Inez T. Morin, Ron Cross, and Sarah Ramsawack enjoy opening ceremonies at the 2013 Congress of Neighborhoods.

Christmas 2012

Santa's appearance at the Caravan of Toys Event

Left: A cadet distributes toys from Officer Ahedo's car. Right: Officer Ahedo distributing toys during North Hollywoods Police Department's "Caravan of Toys" toy giveaway.

The North Hollywood Police department hosted it's annual "Caravan of Toys" on Thursday December 20, 2012. Each year the North Hollywood police department recieves generous toy donations from various local organizations which includes the NHNENC and the North-North Hollywood Neighborhood Watch. The toys are then distributed to the children alerted by the sirens and caravan of patrol cars. 2012 was the second year in which the NHNENC participated in the event, and the Outreach Committee is in the process of planning to make this annual event an even greater one.

Christmas 2011

The Outreach Committee and NHNENC have generously donated city funds to several oraganizations such as L.A. Family Housing, Strathern Elementary, Julie Korenstein Elementary, Arminta Elementary, Hope of the Valley, Save a Heart Save a Mind, San Fernando Mission Food Pantry, Grafitti Busters, Local Fire Station 89, North Hollywood Police Department and numerous other organizations. The Outreach Committe welcomes you to join and participate in all efforts to encourage community partnerships and beautification.

The Neighborhood Council joined the LAPD for their annual Christmas Toy Drive and giveaway. In front of a crowd of hopeful, needy kids, Santa pulled up in an LAPD squad car and got out to distribute toys donated by the Council and several local businesses and individuals. For some, these were the only presents they would get this holiday season and they couldn't have come from a better place. Much thanks to Board Members Judy Harris and Florence Dorrick for bringing this opportunity for service to the Neighborhood Council.

Strathern Street Neighborhood Watch Clean Up

Dedicated volunteers of the Strathern Street Neighborhood Watch mounted a heroic clean up effort on Whitsett Avenue Saturday, September 17, 2011. Sometimes the problems around us can feel overwhelming, but Watch members know that a bit of hard work can make a big difference. Next time you drive along Whitsett around the 170 freeway, check out how much better the place looks. Patch.com has a great article with photos of the cleanup at http://northhollywood.patch.com/articles/strathern-st-neighborhood-watch-cleans-up-dirty-stretch-of-whitsett-ave. And if you want to help out next time, there's another clean up event on October 22 if you check out our Calendar. So mark your calendars, and mark your pride in the community. Together, we can make a difference.

Community Outreach

Outreach at Food 4 Less
Benjamin Moore, Florence Dorick, Sarah Ramsawack greet shoppers

We set up an Information Table on October 28, 2009, at FOOD 4 LESS. This was a success, that we hope to repeat in the Spring Season near the time change. 

We had information about the Council, handouts, and maps to show the area, and we had brochures and a sample of the easy 10-question CENSUS form, and job opportunities for the Census.  We talked with many Stakeholders and we developed a Contact list from the experience.  Some of the persons are eager to attend and participate in our Council.

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